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wordpress.pngWordpress has to be the simplest CMS out there, right? Just a few PHP scripts and a database. True, but surprisingly cumbersome to host, with some sites serving as few as 1-2 pages per second. This, we believe, is the inherent danger in creating a CMS that operates on the world's most ubiquitous technologies, purely because they are the world's most ubiquitous technologies.

Therefore it's worth looking at your Wordpress hosting environment a little more closely before assuming that any old hosting will do. It comes as no surprise to learn that themselves have abandoned LAMP in favour of LEMP hosting, and we're pleased to be able to report that we can follow suit. It all helps.

Other key aspects in your hosting environment will be the number of other users, general server load, available RAM, the speed of the MySQL server, and the speed of your connection to it. We're not saying you should be spending your every waking moment worrying about these things: after all that's our job. But we are saying that there's no point assuming that these things have been taken care of.

If you ever wonder how the big companies can sell hosting so cheaply (and they do) then it's time to realise that your site is a small cog in a very large machine. Here at Brill we keep the cogs bigger and the machines smaller, and we deliberately keep our machines underloaded. We will charge you more for it, but that's because we insist on giving you what you pay for. We hope you agree.