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Problem Solving

puzzle.pngUnlike some other companies we won't insist that you host your site with us before we will look at it. We could save you from staring at a problem for hour after hour. We also may be able to advise you how best to go about solving a problem where there are just too many options for comfort.

Our experience is almost exclusively limited to free technologies (Linux etc) but then aren't these the same technologies with which you're going to need the greatest amount of help? What you save on up-front costs you can spend on advice, and get the best of both worlds. We're great open-source advocates, and believe that with a little determination and cunning you can usually carve out a free solution that achieves just what you want, and it will stay free forever.

Not only that but you will avoid ending up beholden to a greedy corporation that will be quick to discover if they have got you by the reins, rather than the other way round. Those completely reasonable ongoing costs might suddenly triple overnight and leave you floundering for an alternative. Don't believe us? I'm sad to say it happened to us, once!