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plone.pngPlone is the CMS on which this website is hosted, and it is our favourite Content Management System. What we like most about Plone is the way that it comes with so much already, which is actually what you want from a CMS. We think there's a perception out there that it's the products that matter the most, but they tend to be of highly variable quality and may or may not work with the next version, so the more that the CMS does by itself the better.

So important is this concern that the developers of Plone have gone to some lengths over recent years to improve the way that Plone Products themselves are developed. They have done this in an effort to make Plone development and Product development independent processes, or to put it another way, to try and make sure that every product ever written doesn't break every time a new version comes out. The end result should be a solid core of reliable products that do what people actually want. For everything else you hire a developer (namely us).

Plone has a reputation for being a bit heavyweight, and with version 3 they would have been right. But version 4 has proved to be a great improvement in terms of speed, and also in terms of resources. For example it is now possible to host an instance in just 256MB of RAM. Combined with a general increase in server power, available resources, and number of plone instances per server, this means costs can be driven down to a level where Plone now competes favourably again with its rivals.

It's hard to sum up Plone in one sentence, but we think it just does everything in the way they should be done. If you're a fan of Plone, you will always be a fan of Plone.