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Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP

apache.pngLAMP hosting is great, and the bedrock of the modern internet, and therefore by extension the whole of the modern world. Read it and weep Microsoft, but nearly 2/3rds of the web is hosted on LAMP. That figure is actually falling, but only because the figures for LEMP hosting are on the rise (see for details). With such a rosy picture, what can a small company like Brill possibly add? Not a lot to be honest. We could add bells and whistles like every other company, but we're not that sort of company so what can we do?

What we can do is make sure that you aren't left struggling with a technical problem to which we know the solution. We might not have installed it (yet) but that's because we don't install everything and bombard you with useless information in the hope you might need it. We are also available should you be having problems installing anything, or getting weird errors. There haven't been many changes to the PHP and MySQL languages, but there have been some over the years and they can bring your site to a grinding halt. As ever we're here to help.

Finally, it's worth considering the security arrangements of the server. Quite frankly LAMP servers don't have a good security track record, and it's something we're determined not to repeat. As usual we have done our own research, read widely, and then combined the various ideas into our own solution. Some might regard it as a little bit paranoid, but then, hosting (done badly) is a bit like Quantum Physics. If it hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet.