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Most hosting companies almost give away domain names with their hosting, or vice versa. They do this because once they have control of your domain, they pretty much have control of you as well, and sadly the annals of of hosting history are littered with dubious practices, unresponsive companies and customers who have had their fingers burnt.

Here at Brill we do not give domains away. In fact we believe in charging you roughly what it costs us, albeit with a bit of simplification. Our rules are:

Domain registration: £10 per year
Domain renewal: £10 per year
Domain maintenance: no charge
Ongoing charges: none
Transfer out: no charge

Renewal policy: we send a reminder by email 1 month before your domain expires. It says that we will renew the domain unless we hear otherwise. We have tried it the other way round, i.e. where we let domains expire unless we hear otherwise, and we've discovered that in practice it really isn't a good idea.

We renew all domains for 2 years, unless told otherwise.

So, to be absolutely clear, you will always receive one invoice for your hosting, and a separate invoice for your domain(s). This is because we do not lump them together. All domain invoicing is in arrears, that is to say that we renew the domain first, and then invoice for it once we have done so. All renewals are irreversible and non-refundable.

All we ask is that if you do register your domain with another Registration Service Provider (RSP) that you either use our nameservers, or point your DNS records at a CNAME under our control. That means that when we need to make an administrative change we don't need to involve you, which is something that always makes our lives a whole lot easier.