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cloud.pngCloud is the next big thing, or the current big thing depending on how long you've been using it. But what does it actually mean? Like all successful concepts, it actually means different things depending on who you are, but everyone is agreed that it is universally 'good'.

You're probably thinking right now that we're going to disavow the masses of their ignorance, but we're going to do no such thing. We're happy with cloud meaning anything to anybody, and in a world of smartphones and mobile apps it's nice to see that the whole concept of the Personal Computer is eliding to something far more nebulous. However in our case it's going to mean something very specific.

Our cloud is purely a tool to make better use of computing resources. We want to offer the best value possible, and cloud hosting is just another way of doing that. A properly organised cloud provides you with what you want, rock-solid reliable computing power, in a way that doesn't tie it to any particular piece of hardware. This is nothing less than the total elimination of the single point of failure as a valid concept.

We're quite happy to discuss the general details of how we get your site delivered to the outside world via a chain of redundant components, but we're not going to do that here. Suffice to say that it has taken some thinking about, and we're happy with it. We'd have to be, otherwise we wouldn't put our name on it.