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ToolsHere at Brill we prefer to think of ourselves as purveyors of technology. We're not going to market you with 'solutions', since that's just too vague, and although we do bundle things up into packages, we are unusual in that we're actually prepared to separate everything out into each of its individual components. More to the point, you can actually have an adult conversation with us about each and every aspect of the services we provide, because we're not call centre staff, we're the developers.

We like to think this keeps our teeth sharpened, and our claws shiny and bright in this ever-advancing technological world. It's hard to keep up, which is why we never let any opportunity pass us by to increase the breadth of our skills. There aren't many things we have never, ever done.

We've selected a few of the most important and interesting technologies for you in this section to give you a taste of what we do, and what we think. There are many more though, so if there's something of particular interest to you then please pick up the phone and give us a call.

We guarantee you that if it can be done, and done using freely downloadable components, then we will find a way to do it.