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About Us

Brill was established in 2012 to take over the hosting business from our friend and employer Ali al-Azzawi of Openia Ltd. We know it inside out, of course, because as employees of Openia we created it. Our objective is therefore to continue all the good work that has brought us this far, and to provide the best service we can in this rapidly changing field of endeavour.

Official contact details:

As befits real people we have a real address. Well, one of us does. The other one lives inside a computer simulation of one, but we don't know which.

Brill Technology Ltd
8 Bourne Close
Wiltshire BA12 9PT

Tel: +44 (0) 1985 878765
Or please use our Contact Form

Customer Service

The best way to contact us is via email at We promise to acknowledge all queries within 2 working days, and can normally resolve them within another 2 working days after that. These are absolute maximum values, and our turn around is often measured in hours.

If you have any complaints or would like to report abuse, please use the same email address as for support.


Why are we called Brill? Well, it's just a combination of the names of the company founders: Bill and Richard. There are other combinations which are not so good, so we didn't go for them. Brill is also the name of a pleasant little village on a hill in Oxfordshire, where Bill used to take his motorbike. It has a windmill and Richard has never been there, although of course he now lists this as one of his greatest ambitions.

RichardRichard Watson

Richard is without doubt the technical egg-head of the Brill machine, never happier than when the learning curve is vertical, and we are the only people in the entire world attempting to do it. In fact he is never happy solving any problem in exactly the same way we have solved it before. Over the years this accumulates into a vast store of experience, and there is simply no room to squeeze even a metaphorical playing card into the cracks in his knowledge, although even he admits sed is simply not worth the effort.

His first computer was an Oric-1 48K. He lives in Warminster with his wife and two daughters, and his house is hoovered by a robot. LATEST: Make that (soon to be) TWO robots.

BillBill Gannon

Bill attempts to bring order where there is chaos, and for this reason will generally be the one trusted to do the invoicing. He prefers to solve every problem in exactly the same way we have solved it before, so that we can get onto the next problem, and then perhaps do something after work. He would like to turn himself into the next Dick Strawbridge, saving the world with a host of environmentally sound contraptions, and to this end spends much time in his garage attempting to become 'an inventor'.

His first computer was a Spectrum 16K. He lives in Swansea with his wife and young son, and none of them have time to do the hoovering.